Handcrafted Heirloom Candles That Will Last Forever 

 Keepsake Candles for Any Memorable Occasion 

Wedding Flower Candles

Send us flowers from your wedding bouquet or anniversary celebration and we will create lasting candle keepsakes by arranging your flowers in candles that…

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Funeral Flower Candles

Send us flowers from your loved one’s service to create a lasting memorial keepsake candle that can be lit.
If you would like a picture…

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Pictures in Candles

If you would like a picture included in your candle, here’s how it works:

Step 1: Choose the shape and size of your candle or electric…

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Pet Memorials

You can mail us a picture of your pet and we will create a lasting candle keepsake or memorial in their honor!

See our “Pictures…

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17223677_xksoOur Candles can be lit, but will not burn away!

1. You send us YOUR flowers from weddings, funerals, anniversaries or any special or memorable occasion.

2. We dry & arrange your flowers in candles in the size and shape of your choice.


All of our candles are available with either an inner fuel cell that can be lit, or as electric lights.

• Electric option includes pre-wired base
• We also create candles from previously dried flowers

Add a brass engraved nameplate, a picture or special memorabilia of your choice to further personalize your keepsake candle.